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Dr. Olga Krasnyak


I'm an Associate Professor at the Department of International Relations of National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow). My research interests lie within diplomatic studies with a focus on science diplomacy and its implementation into a state's foreign policy agenda.

Previously, in 2014-2019, I worked at Underwood International College of Yonsei University (Seoul). At UIC, I taught number of IR and history courses for students majoring in international studies.

I often provide media commentary on diplomacy, foreign policy, and international affairs.

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My monograph published with Brill Diplomacy and Foreign Policy series in 2018 is devoted to 'national styles' in science diplomacy.

Recognizing the role science plays at national and international levels and identifying a state's national diplomatic style can help to construct a 'national style' in science diplomacy. In turn, understanding national approaches in science diplomacy can help to evaluate a nation-state's potential for global governance and to address global issues on a systematic scale.


The study adds to a general understanding of the practice of diplomacy as it intersects with the sciences. It is also a source of interest to students and scholars of diplomatic studies, and to practitioners of diplomacy.


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